Hi, we're CheckSec.

Founded in 2011 in London, England, we're a product-focused security company that's committed to building useful tools that help our users work more efficiently, so they can spend more time helping their clients and users.

Our story: from security testing, to supporting assessment teams.

Having worked in various security roles over the past 15 years, we encountered many of the same problems in many organisations. One of those problems really, really, bugged us: reporting. It wasn't that we didn't enjoy it (well, not all of us despised it), it was the inefficiency of it all. Some companies had built solutions that were highly bespoke to their needs, others were copying and pasting content from Word documents, Wikis and other locations. Why was it that sales teams had their CRMs? Developers had their SCMs? Security professionals had sticky tape and plasters which they used to cobble useful tools together? We were indignant! Outraged! The security community deserved better.

In the spring of 2011, we decided to break away from service delivery, and start supporting service delivery teams. CheckSec was founded, and Canopy, a professional services automation and reporting platform for security teams, was born.

We're still creating our story, and we would very much like you to be a part of that story too. Say hola!.

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